About Us

About Movement Makers

As Sports Backers, the organization behind Movement Makers, looked for conferences to learn which programs or policies to implement here in Richmond, VA, we realized there was a void in the active living discussion for workplaces, schools, public health, and early childhood education. There was a need for a conference focused on helping community health organizations make practical on-the-ground changes to make their communities more active and vibrant. Thus was born Movement Makers: Active Living Summit. Movement Makers is designed for leaders in the active living movement who want to change people’s health outcomes through programs, policy changes, and infrastructure improvements. Together, we can build stronger and longer lasting change if we share and learn from each other. We hope Movement Makers will provide you with that opportunity.


About Sports Backers

During the past 25 years, Sports Backers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has developed programs and events that are designed to inspire people from all corners of our community to live actively. We achieve this work by focusing on a network of collaborative partnerships with other organizations, businesses, local governments and faith based institutions. In order to have transformational change, we realize we can’t do it all alone, but rather we work to build a movement of change in our community to make active living the easy choice. Sports Backers launched Active RVA in 2012 to build on this momentum and make active living a regional priority. In partnership with dozens of other organizations, we’re working through policy, programming, and physical projects to improve quality of life for all Richmonders through active living.