Becky Crump

The Frontier Project (2017 Summit)

Between the nutrition counsel and workplace wellbeing program design, the meeting moderation and speaking engagements, the communications strategy and video shoots, Becky specializes in finding the real “why” behind the actions of individuals and teams to inspire lasting behavior change. Whether sidled up to Fortune 100’s, or NGO’s whose teams are tackling some of the toughest global development issues of our time, she’ll find the optimal path to success from initial intention to ultimate articulation. As a lead consultant with The Frontier Project, a certified health coach, and an integrative nutritionist, Becky has an eye for a good story, an immovable commitment for healthy and engaged people, communities, and companies, and the insatiable desire to breathe life into them all. Perhaps her motivation stems from her belief in the limitless determination of the human spirit, the bravery she sees from companies who value the engagement of their employees before product and profit, or from her blended family of five daughters who look to her to co-create their future.