Jenifer Joy Madden

Health Reporter, Author (2017 Summit)

Jenifer Joy Madden is a health journalist, author, and award-winning community advocate based near the nation’s capital, where she literally and figuratively builds bridges to greater well-being.  Jenifer’s words and videos have informed millions on news outlets ranging from The Washington Post to the Children and Nature Network to her website, The Durable Human.

Jenifer was named a Community Champion and appointed as a Fairfax County, VA transportation commissioner after envisioning and winning support for a network of trails actively connecting people to a national park, two regional parks, ten county parks, and the state’s economic powerhouse—the growing edge city of Tysons.

A veteran of ABC News, Jenifer is an independent multi-media reporter and a lead adjunct professor for TV news graduate students of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Jenifer’s books include The Durable Human Manifesto: Practical Wisdom for Living and Parenting in the Digital World and How To Be a Durable Human: Revive and Thrive in the Digital Age Through the Power of Self-Design, which contains tips for setting up a walk/bike to school program and an active-family land use plan.

Jenifer and her husband Mark love to bike, kayak, or just hang out with any or all of their three grown-up durable kids.