Natalie Garramone

CEO, The Frontier Project (2017 Summit)

Passion plus patience. Drive plus open-mindedness. Ordered self-discipline and free-ranging thought. As CEO of Frontier Consulting Services, Natalie Garramone blends the seemingly incompatible into a dynamic combination that powers our client’s biggest opportunities.

The task requires a balanced cultivation of our consulting team and clients, and the mindful integration of precision and invention. Taking a holistic view comes naturally to Natalie, a yogi who espouses the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Though the youngest member of our leadership team, she projects unflappable calm and easy confidence. Try to ruffle her. You won’t.

She’ll attribute her even demeanor to the drive, work ethic, and moral code that have propelled her up-by-her-bootstraps journey from a single-parent household in upstate New York to a management role before 30. A foodie, explorer, and lifelong learner, Natalie makes time for the things that matter most—and keeping the human experience at the center of her work.